What happens after a year of guided #meditation? music and five senses

What happens after a year of guided #meditation? music and five senses

I started a daily meditation practice thanks to guided meditations recorded by the French psychiatrist Christophe Andre (“Méditer jour après jour“).

Additionally, I absolutely love Teal Swan’s guided meditation entitled “Spirit Guide Meditation by Teal Swan“.

Nevertheless, I recently discovered what pure meditation was, with only sounds to guide me. In that regard, I appreciate very much the video “STRESS RELIEVING DEEP RELAXATION NATURE SOUNDS MUSIC | 7.83 HZ SCHUMANN RESONANCE, ISOCHRONIC TONE“.

I focus on the sensations from my five senses, on my body, on my heart.

There is no hierarchy between the various types of meditation practices. What matters my friend my sister is to find the right one for you at this very moment.

Why was my son waking up at 430am? #connection

Why was my son waking up at 430am? #connection

My seven-year-old son used to wake up at the same time I did, around 430am, to lie on the sofa or read in the presence of his very busy working mother.

I chose not to judge but to try to understand.

A very wise friend told me that it was certainly his way of connecting to me.

Today such a habit went away, naturally.




#Life is not so #easy even for men

#Life is not so #easy even for men

My daddy from Africa built his house himself, every day after his work day. It took twelve years.

He takes care of his wife with care and respect. He does all the grocery shopping, takes responsibility for the garden, the house, sometimes cooking and laundry, everything…

However today he seems quite isolated in the middle of these people. His now adult sons are patronizing him while his wife makes no secret she would choose her sons over him.

He is an old man now. He spent his life working like crazy to be a respectable husband and father. So many responsibilities and not a lot of time to enjoy life.

Let’s not be fooled. Life is not difficult because we are women. I know several men around me who do their best to be “the good provider” to their wife and family, only to end up alone in their relationship, with so much weight on their shoulders and not a lot of pleasure in their life.




I cannot handle this! #singlemother – #Sowhat? Series Ep. 2

I cannot handle this! #singlemother - #Sowhat? Series Ep. 2

The truth is: I cannot handle it and haven’t been to handle it for thirteen years.

I have always taken care of my babies then children alone, because I have heard a voice saying: “You chose to have kids, now take care of them, it is your problem not mine!“.

I love babies and children so much. I was so happy to have them.

Nevertheless, I feel I am really not the mother I wanted to be, present, full of attention and energy. So what? This is it? This is life? Something is missing, isn’t it? It is just a misunderstanding, isn’t it? I am going to wake up and tell my husband: “Honey I had a terrible nightmare, I was raising children all alone for thirteen years, can you believe it?



What is #love? I need you or I love you because #respect

What is #love? I need you or I love you because #respect

I love you because you are smart and make me feel safe.

I don’t need you to be or do anything. I don’t even need you to love me back.

I am responsible for my happiness. If the situation does not suit me, I am going to leave.

Love is absolute respect for the other person. It is not about taking from but honoring a man and the whole person he is, never taking him for granted, never saying I need you.

Do you know the great writer and relationship counselor Jacques Salomé? I love his work:

My beauty secret? #fasting of course or #naturalbeauty from the inside

My beauty secret? #fasting of course or #naturalbeauty from the inside

When my daughter asks me: “Mum, why are you fasting today?“, I reply: “To have beautiful eyes honey!“.

The actual day of the fast is not the most glamorous because I feel slow and a bit weak. However the next day is magnificent! The white of my eyes is so bright, my face looks like I put foundation on, my skin is extra soft and my energy through the roof.

If you understand French, Thierry Casasnovas made a great video about women and fasting.