How detox is crucial for #weightloss – Weight loss Series Ep. 3

How detox is crucial for #weightloss - Weight loss Series Ep. 3

Our body will shed the excess weight far more easily if it is already free of toxins.

I believe in detox first, then weight loss.



Why take probiotics after an antibiotic course? #intestines

Why take probiotics after an antibiotic course? #intestines

Just do it my friend my sister: if you have to take antibiotics, pleeeeease take some probiotics afterwards to rebuild your intestinal flora. Then feed these nice guys with prebiotics or fiber in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. There you have it. Take good care.

For more detailed explanation, there is nobody like Markus Rothkranz to explain it to you.



Why I do not give advice or I am #notperfect but do my best

Why I do not give advice or I am #notperfect but do my best

I am no better nor worse than any other woman. Sometimes I feel I lived one thousand different lives.

I noticed that women sharing their experience helped me tremendously to live my life. So I am humbly sharing bits and pieces about mine. Blessings to you my friend my sister.




Why #fasting is a #spiritual exercise or rising emotions

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I don’t find fasting difficult in itself because I don’t feel the hunger anymore. This the reward of a consistent fasting practice.

However, what is very deep is managing all these strong emotions which bubble up. It is as if I was purifying myself from old painful beliefs. They rise up so I can get rid of them.



Reply to Valerie on the fear of being alone #loneliness

Reply to Valerie on the fear of being alone #loneliness

A man is not a savior. Yes men are extraordinary but this is so unfair to put the responsibility of our happiness on their handsome shoulders.

One day you will meet someone Valerie I wish that for you, but you will always have challenges to overcome.

What is the absolute miracle of love? To be able to be close to another human being, not having to pretend to be someone else, not being afraid of saying the truth.

Valerie, a relationship is not an exchange. The fear of loneliness sometimes stems from the feeling that something is currently missing in our life and that only a relationship could fill that void.

According to my humble opinion, love does not mean getting something from the other person. To love does not equal giving by sacrificing oneself either of course.

What if loving someone else and wanting him or her to be happy went to the point of leaving the relationship if precisely it does not make the other person happy anymore?

Furthermore, fear of loneliness often masks fear of pain. Making peace with the possibility of suffering allows us to move forward in life, with so much more enthusiasm.

Indeed, to love is to take a risk. To consider the possibility of pain without cringing can free us from a heavy weight. My friend my sister, it also means that you will be strong enough to walk out of a relationship if the person does not share your values, even if you still love him or her.

Lastly, everything is possible dear Valerie. Identify first what you truly want. Then embody such a thing. You want a person worth of trust? Be trustworthy yourself. You want to meet a man who takes care of himself? Take good care of yourself.

Love is a matter of vibration. What you want more than anything is the dream of a great man, who will be the happiest man in the world once he meets you.

Shall we prove our love or not?

Shall we prove our love or not?

I was stunned by something a French man named Franck Lopvet said: “Do not prove your love, it is going to waste it“. Such an idea is so freeing. Love is felt, not proven. What do you think my friend my sister?



How do I feel with this person? #intuition

How do I feel with this person? #intuition

How to learn to connect to our intuition to identify whether we are in a healthy relationship? This is a learning path of course, but everything is possible, even if in the past or still now you are terrified of being alone or believe in a low self-worth.

Do you feel at ease or are you on your guards? Are you becoming the best version of yourself every day or do you tell yourself that you are lucky that such an extraordinary person is with you?

Does this person energizes you my friend my sister? Or are you scared of expressing yourself? Does this person makes you feel light and comfortable? Or are you worried about making a mistake and loosing the love?

This is a matter of intuition and connection to our core feelings.