What I will do when I am #rich

What I will do when I am #rich

I know one day I will be wealthy, far more than today, even though I feel abundant now. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and I can travel.

One day my streams of income will bring me more consistent revenue. My daily life will be structured around my morning routine as it is now. I will keep waking up at 5am, doing meditation and yoga in the morning.

Two things will change though. I will enjoy a nice early morning stroll in the garden of my house near the sea, feeling full of gratitude and charging my batteries before going out into the world with an attitude of service. Second, I will pay somebody to help me with cleaning the house.

What about you? What will you do when you are rich my friend my sister?



The thing I am the most proud of #divinemasculine

The thing I am the most proud of #divinemasculine

Sincerely, I do not know how I did it. Despite the abuse, I never fell into the trap of being resentful towards men. Quite the opposite actually. I have only admiration for men.



A great #smoothie #recipe with lemon and #orange

A great #smoothie #recipe with lemon and #orange

A banana with water or vegan milk. Then a whole orange peeled and a slice of lemon with the skin on.

Keep the rind of your lemon and keep the lathery white skin or pith of the orange after you’ve peeled it with a knife. These are our two key ingredients for a amazing new smoothie recipe.

The skin of the lemon has a higher concentration of flavinoids.

A great #smoothie #recipe with lemon and #orange

A great #smoothie #recipe with lemon and #orange

The cacao nibs on top are optional 馃槈 Mine come from Raw Living:

RawLiving Raw Living superfood store




Do you want to live their life in 5 or 10 years? Choosing a path #career

20 mai veux tu th

I love law and I was so privileged to become a lawyer.

However, I realized that I simply did not want to live the life of people 5 or 10 years ahead in their career. So I took responsibility for my happiness in life by changing careers. I still love law but I teach it instead.




How detox is crucial for #weightloss – Weight loss Series Ep. 3

How detox is crucial for #weightloss - Weight loss Series Ep. 3

Our body will shed the excess weight far more easily if it is already free of toxins.

I believe in detox first, then weight loss.



Why take probiotics after an antibiotic course? #intestines

Why take probiotics after an antibiotic course? #intestines

Just do it my friend my sister: if you have to take antibiotics, pleeeeease take some probiotics afterwards to rebuild your intestinal flora. Then feed these nice guys with prebiotics or fiber in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. There you have it. Take good care.

For more detailed explanation, there is nobody like Markus Rothkranz to explain it to you.