Is a wrong choice possible? #decisions

Is a wrong choice possible? #decisions

A very wise woman told me that at the time she could see me make a mistake, she was aware that experiencing that new situation was going to make me grow.

So there was nothing to do. Simply to trust life, experience emotions and work through them.

We can use everything which happens in our life. Is there really such a thing as a wrong choice? I don’t believe it (anymore). What about you my friend my sister?

Why enjoy the #process before getting to the #goal?

I am working a lot, teaching French lessons online so I can support this blog and youtube channel as much as I can. I am grateful for your support in this my friend my sister.

I am also making a conscious effort to enjoy the process, to savor every minute of life on the path which is leading me to my goal. Then I’ll pick another one anyway!

How to deal with #loneliness not be afraid of it and maybe even be #grateful for it #interview

In today’s live with Randa from the French youtube channel L’audace d’être soi, we talked about loneliness and the measures that can be taken to handle it, not be afraid of it and maybe even appreciate it!

1. How fear of loneliness sometimes prevent us from getting out of a toxic relationship

We mentioned that fear of loneliness is sometimes very primal: see the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

Do not feel guilty to be afraid of loneliness my friend my sister and maybe you will identify in it a fear of the unknown.

Lastly, let’s keep in mind the addictive effect of a toxic relationship, especially if there is intermittent reinforcement (the cycle of abuse).

2. Practical tips to honor our loneliness

The secret is to give to ourselves what we would like someone else to give to us.

See my video I took the #decision to #fallinlove with myself about this topic.

3. Making peace with loneliness and teaching it to our kids

The book On Love and Loneliness by Jiddu Krishnamurti teaches us the benefits of getting to know ourselves in solitude while French book Les Âmes blessées by Boris Cyrulnik reminds us that art is a powerful transformation tool that can make us feel empowered again, author of our own life. Boris Cyrulnik has a great book in English language Resilience: How Your Inner Strength Can Set You Free from the Past.

Napoleon Hill’s book Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude is another way to remind ourselves that everything is a matter of perspective in life my friend my sister.

4. Loneliness is not a goal in itself

What if instead of experiencing loneliness as something happening to us, we were choosing to surround ourselves with right-minded people for instance by taking drawing or dance classes?

We ended the live stream by this beautiful quote from French author Jacques Salomé “Becoming one’s best friend“. He has written notably If Only I’d Listen to Myself: Resolving the Conflicts That Sabotage Our Lives.

Please pay a visit to Randa’s youtube channel if you understand French, today’s interview is called En direct avec Randa de L’audace d’être soi : comment apprivoiser sa #solitude ? and please support this channel and blog.

Your generosity matters and helps me to continue interviewing beautiful people and making English videos to give you the juice of the interview when they are in French!



What is green meat radish? #livingfood

Thanks to my daughter who picked up this weird radish at the organic food store, I can share with you today that the green meat radish is an excellent vegetable!

The green meat radish is in season in winter and it has beneficial properties for the respiratory system.

In Asia, it is seen as a real health essential.

I eat it raw and it is delicious!

More about the green meat radish here.

French #book #review or dare to #create #Asaliah by Justine Valais

Who was the first to write a review about my book The Knot in the Spiral? Justine the French blogger from Blog d’une partageuse.

This is such a pleasure to review her book now: Asaliah, a cute and fresh chapter book.

I found in Asaliah some sparks of the law of attraction and inspiration to draw from our personal power and imagination.

My 13-years-old daughter who hates reading said Justine’s book was easy to read and interesting with beautiful drawings.

My 10-years-old son who loves reading thought the book Asaliah looked very good even before reading it. Then he said: “I love that book!” and “I would love to read the following stories!“.

So I am sending good vibes to the author Justine so she writes the following adventures of her character Asaliah!

What was #patriarchy like? #hope for #harmony between men and women

What was #patriarchy like? #hope for #harmony between men and women

My grand-mother’s sister was locked down in an asylum at her father’s request with the help of the family doctor. Because she was a woman and a daughter and because it was another time. She was 20 years old.

Yes indeed there are many things which could be improved for harmonious relationships between men and women, but I also would like to take a little bit of gratitude time for having been born during another time, with the progress made.

If you read French there is a great book called Patriarcat fin de partie by author Chantal Revault D’allonnes.

Making people feel #guilty so they obey or getting out of codependency

Did you see Randa’s interview about codependency and how to get out of toxic relationships “Live with Randa from L’audace d’être soi or #daring to be #yourself“.

We talked about manipulation in abusive relationships.

Recently, during a conference, I heard that Friedrich Nietzsche had criticized Saint Paul a lot accusing him of making people feel guilty for the sake of making them obedient.

It made me think about the way toxic people blame us for everything that goes wrong in a relationship.

So let’s drop guilt immediately my friend my sister! Guilt does not make you move forward and it is definitely not the sign of a healthy relationship! I prefer words and values such as responsibility and kindness.

Are you children eating #healthy? #raw #vegan? my reply

I was asked by a mother member of our beautiful community whether my children were raw vegan like me or not.

Let’s drop the pressure immediately: the reply is no!

My kids have been eating at the school canteen since they are three years old so it was difficult to compete with the canteen food loaded with sugar and gluten (even if before the age of three, they loved green smoothies and raw fruits and veggies such as apples, broccoli and mangoes).

Today they eat gluten, fish and meat at home, but I am not too bad at limiting dairy (they have dairy at school of course).

My best tip is to lead by example. They are very aware that I will never eat bread nor white sugar. They also know that if one day I feel like eating meat, I will. I listen to my body.

They also agree that vegetables and fruits full of vitamins and minerals are crucial to health, even if they don’t consume them as often as I would like. Sometimes I am surprised though. Yesterday for instance, they just ate fresh salad leaves with mayo and French mustard! Better than nothing!

What I learned at my writing class #hidden #talent

What I learned at my writing class #hidden #talent

I feel bad when I see gifted people who do not realize how great they are, who keep putting themselves down and who do not share their creativity.

At the writing workshop I attend, there is such a woman. I now I cannot make her change about that.

It reminds me of the Wayne Dyer quote:

Do not die with your music still inside“.

Therefore I will keep reminding you that you have something special, a gift, a talent, that you can share.

Let go of perfectionism because you are worth being creative and free my friend my sister.

Wayne Dyer wrote numerous books, notably You Are What You Think: 365 Meditations for Purposeful Living:

How to deal with #overwhelming #emotions? body and movement

How to deal with #overwhelming #emotions? body and movement

It was a true revolution for my body and well-being to discover free yoga youtube videos five years ago thanks to the channel Yoga With Adriene.

Then something happened. I lost someone I love inasmuch as the man I was in love with decided to leave the country for ever. A similar situation had happened to me many years ago, leaving me feeling like a fly stuck on her back or like a person gasping for oxygen.

So I made a little experiment. Why not? I had nothing to loose anyway, I couldn’t feel any lower.

I did the video “Yoga For a Broken Heart – Unconditional Love“. The first time, I had so many tears running down my face that my yoga mat was wet.

I hung onto it. I did the same yoga video every day. After five days, I noticed a definite change in my mood. I was still sad but feeling empowered. I discovered I had everything in me to deal with such big emotions.

The secret my friend my sister is to remember that our body and our mind are connected. Then we can make the most of this beautiful union!