OMG I have gained #weight and why #stress

OMG I have gained #weight and why #stress

I have put on weight despite my raw vegan lifestyle. The reason has nothing to do with what I am eating, because it is magnificent living food, organic and freshly prepared with love.

No, the issue lies in the stress I submitted my body to. My beautiful body could not adjust and adapt anymore so it gained weight.

Now I have only one intention: to take care of my inner temple even more with the utmost tenderness and kindness. My friend my sister, I invite you on a journey back to a more harmonious body, mostly by getting rid of stress. We all have challenges to overcome, but we can choose to handle them with less worry. I feel the secret of a beautiful body lies therein.




Protein mix recipe for maximum #energy with hemp and cacao when you need a #boost

Protein mix recipe for maximum #energy with hemp and cacao when you need a #boost

Simply mix hemp protein powder with olive oil and a bit of water, with raw chocolate and dates. This rich nutritious mix helped me gain strength when I was feeling very tired recently.

My cacao nibs and organic hemp powder come from the online store Raw Living:

Protein mix recipe for maximum #energy with hemp and cacao when you need a #boost

RawLiving Raw Living superfood store


Why I stopped giving #pocketmoney to my children?

Why I stopped giving #pocketmoney to my children?

I stopped giving 10 euros per month to my children because I want to first earn more than I spend before continuing giving them pocket money. Also, I feel they are not happy because it is never enough for them.

Can you relate my friend my sister?

Are #animals for us or with us? #vegetarian ethics

Are #animals for us or with us? #vegetarian ethics

When I told the man I call an angel (see my book The Knot in the Spiral) that animals did not necessarily exist so we humans could kill them, he explained that it was the first time he heard such a thought and that it certainely was worth thinking about it. He appreciated the shift in perspective.

Without getting vegetarian on the spot, we could ask ourselves whether animals are on earth with us and not for us, don’t you think my friend my sister?

Is a recipe with #raw #pumpkin even possible?

Is a recipe with #raw #pumpkin even possible?

Of course you can eat your delicious pumpkin raw! Diced and marinated for a night in olive oil, apple cider vinegar and sea salt, it is going to be even more delicious the next day!

Is a recipe with #raw #pumpkin even possible?

Is a recipe with #raw #pumpkin even possible?


The day I stopped #pretending

The day I stopped #pretending

I was a good member of the team, always doing my very best at work. However, one day I could not continue obeying my boss like a puppy dog.

I love working for myself because it allows me the freedom to be true and authentic. Furthermore, today I wish to be the same at work and at home. I don’t want to pretend. I want simplicity and authenticity.

Nobody will give you any medal #singlemother

Nobody will give you any medal #singlemother

I cannot stop being shocked by the way single mothers are treated, notably by teachers at school. As if it was not hard enough. As if we were not always doing our best, always taking care of the children even when we are exhausted or ill. We cannot stop because there is no one else. The children need to be fed and walked to school. However, it does not stop some people to make us believe we are bad mothers or stupid little things.

My friend my sister, I am sending you all the love, compassion and admiration you deserve as a mother, especially if you do everything alone like I do. You deserve a medal.