Thank you Doreen Virtue

Thank you Doreen Virtue from Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister,

Please let me introduce you to am amazing woman: Doreen Virtue. She is sharing her knowledge about angels and fairies. Her unique and soft voice is warming my heart when I feel lonely.

I am a single mum. I am raising two kids and it is challenging. I am an intern at the moment, working more than 12 hours every day while earning what interns earn. I am not 25 years old like the other interns. I am over 30 years old and I have two children. My path is unique, challenging and uplifting at the same time.

I choose happiness. I choose to go on even when tears fall on their own on my cheeks.

I choose to protect my wealth by buying only what I absolutely do need for the kids and me. I choose minimalism.

I choose health, raw food and yoga.

I made it. I hold onto my dream. I changed careers.

This is why listening to Doreen Virtue is so soothing for me. My path can be so lonely sometimes. However, Doreen Virtue is always on YouTube, sharing her knowledge about the week to come every Sunday.

Thank you Doreen Virtue. Please check Doreen Virtue’s website and YouTube channel.

Cleaning our body from the inside #enemas


Discover my tips to get clean. I got a cold and fasting, enemas and hot drinks helped me so much.

I bought a Stainless Steel Enema Kit to avoid plastic:

Purelife USA Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Enema Kit

Eating raw vegan in Africa


Eating raw vegan is the secret to a healthy skin. It is so worth it. Watch below how I managed to stay raw while traveling light (only a backpack) to Africa with my children.

In Santa Maria on the Isle of Sal, Cabo Verde, no need to buy fruits in advance, even cucumbers. Buy them nice and ripe on the street every day. I met a lovely lady selling fruit in a wheelbarrow named Maria. Maria I send you lots of love because you may have given birth to your baby by now.

Happy 2017

Happy New Year from Claire Samuel
Sending you love for the new year from Cabo Verde

My sister, my friend,

I wish you a very happy new year. Please know that we can make a fresh start anytime, even if we failed 1 000 times beforehand. Each failure brings us closer to success.

My sister, my friend, the time has come for me to give to you. The time has come to express myself because it is a duty. You deserve to know that I am a living example of transcending abuse. I will be raw and honest with you. I used food to fill a void inside me and physical exercice to punish myself. Today I feel so full of self love that I enjoy much food while staying fit. Today I feel so happy that physical exercice is a reward. I came to France years ago with no job, no money and no place to live, having two kids to raise by myself. Today I just came back from Cabo Verde. I went there all by myself with the kids. It is a dream coming true.

My sister, my friend, I commit to give you all I learned. I hope you can get some useful tips. Leave what does not serve you and make the most of what helps.

Everything is possible.

Sending you love from Cabo Verde