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Happy new year 2017

Happy New Year from Claire Samuel
Sending you love for the new year from Cabo Verde

My sister, my friend,

I wish you a very happy new year. Please know that we can make a fresh start anytime, even if we failed 1 000 times beforehand. Each failure brings us closer to success.

My sister, my friend, the time has come for me to give to you. The time has come to express myself because it is a duty. You deserve to know that I am a living example of transcending abuse. I will be raw and honest with you. I used food to fill a void inside me and physical exercice to punish myself. Today I feel so full of self love that I enjoy much food while staying fit. Today I feel so happy that physical exercice is a reward. I came to France years ago with no job, no money and no place to live, having two kids to raise by myself. Today I just came back from Cabo Verde. I went there all by myself with the kids. It is a dream coming true.

My sister, my friend, I commit to give you all I learned. I hope you can get some useful tips. Leave what does not serve you and make the most of what helps.

Everything is possible.

Sending you love from Cabo Verde.

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What do you think my friend my sister?

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