Everything is gonna be alright


My friend, my sister,

In time of crisis, please let’s remember the following tips:

  1. Observe our breath
  2. God has our back
  3. Help someone
  4. Take good care
  5. Reach out to friends

I repeat that sentence like a mantra: I do trust the universe. When I have only tears in my eyes and feel like I cannot breathe anymore, I repeat it to myself. Everything is going to be well. I also use Louise Hay’s book You can heal your life. I love how, at the end of each chapter, she writes what could be the starting point of a meditation. I find it very soothing. I found that book next to the garbage can in the street. It took me a couple of years befoe opening it. I love it so much. That book opened windows of opportunity to me.

I am also found of Gabrielle Bernstein, who recently wrote The Universe has your back.

Take good care.

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