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8 best tips to transition to a 100% raw vegan diet

8 best tips to transition to a 100% raw vegan diet

My friend, my sister, please find below my 8 secrets to transition to a raw vegan diet or should I say lifestyle. It took me over 10 years to become 100% raw without cravings. My transition to a raw food lifestyle was slow and steady. It was profound. I couldn’t look back. I feel I upped my game for the better. I strongly believe in tender loving care above anything else when it comes to our precious body.

  1. Start by enjoying a few raw dishes here and there

In 2005 I become pregnant with my first baby. I started yoga at a wonderful place called Triyoga in London where they sold raw green juices. Then after having my baby I became interested in natural living on a much deeper level than before. I once attended a natural living fair where I met Shazzie in person (the queen of raw chocolate). She introduced me to raw cacao. I became so interested in the raw food lifestyle. I incorporated bits and pieces of raw food into my life. I started green juices and colonics. However, I was still living a very toxic life because my mind was toxic and my relationship was harmful, violent and dangerous. I needed more to transition to a healthy lifestyle.

2. A serious colon cleansing

Before putting pure delicious food into our bodies, it is more efficient to start by cleansing our insides. Not cleaning is what is gross. The colon is like a second brain. Let’s start by cleaning which no longer serves us and results in years of standard (and poor) diet.

3. A heartful assessment of our relationships

Our life is shaped by our environment. Let’s review the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Are they healthy? Do they bring out the best in us? Being surrounded by like-minded people helped me to stay raw. If I cannot find them in “real” life, I will find them on Instagram or YouTube and get inspired.

In 2011, I escaped, alive, from a deadly path I had chosen to embark during all those years because of deep shame and guilt. After seeing myself as a victim, I chose to rise from the ashes and save my life and my children lives.

My path was made of fire, blood and tears. However, I became free. I was in pain but there were growing pains. I was growing and becoming the real authentic me. To support me, I chose life. And there is no better way to choose life than to choose raw food. In my journey as a free woman, I was helped by raw food and yoga. I changed my food, my mindset and my life.

4. Learning how to create our own smoothies

Empowerment makes all the difference. Learn with recipes for a time then switch to following your intuition. Make your own!

5. A short fast

At first, my newly healthy diet consisted of vegan cooked food. I ate rice crakers with miso paste (a Japanse salty paste) with almond butter and steamed courgettes or pumkin on top. Then in 2015, just before taking the bar exam, I did the Markus Rothkranz parasite cleanse. It involved a one-day fast, then smoothies for a day then raw foods for ever. Without realising it, I switched then to 100% raw foods and never looked back. 100% raw made my life so much easier. I had more time to live, less time needed to prepare food.

Because I do not live in the tropics yet, I drink hot beverages on a daily basis: miso soup without the tofu, barley/dandelion/reishi with vegan milk tonics and hot water with lemon juice (mostly in the mornings).

Fasting is not easy for me but each time I fasted for a few days I was rewarded. My life expanded, my body was healthier and I was even more motivated to stay raw.

6. Organising our lives to always have fresh produce at home

It is tricky but doable. Fresh produce means going grocery shopping at least every couple of days. Today I organise my life around it because food gives me the energy to function.

I simplified my life as best as I could and I decluttered my life and my home. Simplicity is a major key to my success.

7. The strength to overcome negative criticism

Colleagues at work may not get you. I was teased of being an anorexic at work. Why not enjoying your lunch in the park while meditating on life?

Get inspired wherever you can. Along the way, I was helped by amazing books, notably about raw chocolate by Shazzie and about this whole new raw lifestyle by Kate Magic.

Remember your values when people do not get you. The best part is being an example for my children. They are not raw vegan but they see me drinking green jucies and green smoothies. They know there is no such thing as spirulina to gain those strong muscles! Recently they started to make their own smoothies and I am proud. Happy. Safe in my own skin (which is soft thanks to such magical food). Spreading the love.

8. Ethics and animals compassion

I became a vegetarian for health reasons. However it changed over the years. So much so that I would be unable to eat animal flesh today. Whenever I see meat at the supermarket, I see body parts. I cannot understand that meat can be eaten when there is such abundance of fruits and veggies, glowing like rainbows.

This post is dedicated to my Instagram friend @regularyogagirl.

All the best,




  1. love this thanks for the advice,I’m just learning more and more about the raw food diet and I’m in transition now, and already vegan. I’m excited thanks this helped me a lot!

    1. Thank you so much dear Julie 🙂😘 (do you say Julie or Julie Michele?) Take your time with the transition it will make it so much kinder for your body and easier for you. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have 🙂 all the best, Claire

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