Unboxing my Raw Living order: Tachyon pendant, mylk bag and raw chocolate

My friend, my sister, I only recommend websites and stores/products to you if I have a profound and sincere experience of them. For over ten years, I have been buying my raw cacao, my spirulina, my chia seeds (by one kilo bags), my kelp noodles (delicious with a dressing of cashews and dried tomatoes), my powders of shizandra, morinda, pearl and my mylk bags to create vegan milk and juices without juicer, on a very special store: Raw Living. It is owned by Kate Magic, a single mother, a raw food chef and above all, a source of inspiration. Recommending her store is a way for me to support such a beautiful soul and her family.

Whenever I offer handmade chocolate to friends and colleagues, they ask where they could find the ingredients (raw cacao powder, cacao butter, carob, maca and other delights). As per popular demand, here is my secret: Raw Living. Thank you Kate Magic.

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