Why did I decide to jump into the unknown (twice)?

Jumping into the unknown

It is this little store on a tiny Cabo Verde island, lost in the immensity of the Atlantic ocean, who left his Belgium and its bad weather. It is this Englishman who decided to trade living in one of the most industrialised cities of the United Kingdom for giving fishing lessons to the tourists of Cabo Verde. It is this man from Denmark, who married a woman on Sal Island and opened a fish spa (do you know these tiny little fishes who happily eat the dead cells on our feet?).

Lastly, it is me who quit a prestigious law firm to serve you my friend, my sister. After all, this is my second jump into the unknown. The first one happened many years ago, when I was working in a comfortable yet sad job. However, I left it to finish my degree, after a gap of ten years. For four years, I worked day and night to finally get a lawyer degree.

Jumping into the unknown, with intelligence and preparation, brings many gifts; the first one being self confidence.



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