To the #unavailable #men I loved or how to overcome #heartbreak

To the #unavailable #men I loved or how to overcome #heartbreak - Claire Samuel

You were not available when I met you. I did not know it. Or maybe I felt it but I did not want to believe it because you were like angels. Actually you have been guardian angels in my life and still are today.

One of you helped me to get a master’s degree and boost my career. The other helped me to pursue my dream of sharing with the world my experience, how I overcame abuse, in a book. You wrote to me “There is a bright future ahead of you“. You made it happen for me. By your presence in my life, however short, you made me better and stronger.

I love you, thank you. I promise I will listen to my intuition from now on and refrain from falling in love with unavailable men. Love needs to be experienced. Enough with dreaming.



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