Finding #comfort and reassurance in our mama #moon

Finding #comfort and reassurance in our mama #moon - Claire Samuel

Sometimes I feel so lonely. The responsibility of raising kids by myself while changing career can feel overwhelming. The trick I found is to look at the moon, always there, even in daylight when if we cannot see it. Te moon is like my mother. She is watching over me.

A few years, I attended evening classes. I was tired and lonely. I was walking to the university with tears rolling down my cheeks And there she was. A bright shining moon in the dark Parisian sky. I admired its beauty.

My friend, my sister, life can get tough, but the moon is always there. What moon do you have in your life? Do you have something that you know will never go away? Where do you find comfort and reassurance?

Sadness comes and goes. Sometimes I am cycling in the rain and the tears flow. Nobody can tell because I am all wet from the rain. I accept the release of sadness in order to make space for joy.

Sending you comfort my friend, my sister.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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