2017 Holiday gifts Series Extraordinary books which changed my life

2017 Holiday #gifts Series: a nice book by Louise Hay to change someone’s life – episode 2

The gorgeous and colourful range of Believe You Can fairtrade gifts is very special.

Exclusively designed in England by Louise Birchmore, the lovely fairy hangings are made with care in rural India. Louise believes in “trade not aid” so she launched a fabulous gift collection made in India, thus benefiting their business and community.

2017 Holiday #gifts Series: a nice book by Louise Hay to change someone's life - episode 2 - Claire Samuel

I found an old copy of Heal your life in a bin. Yet it changed my life. One of the best gift you can offer someone you care for, is a gift which can change their life. Louise Hay is a great woman, who overcame abuse, poverty and rape.

When I found it in a street of London, it was about 2006-2007, yet the first page had a written note dated 1995. This book was my faithful friend during many hardships. Yet, he was there for me, like honey on my wounds, always comforting me. This book has been the spark of hope which made me go after my dreams again, and come out of despair.

You would not believe Louise Hay was raped as a child when you see her in photos, so graceful and always smiling. I admire her teachings on forgiveness. Hence, she explains that forgiving our abuser is the way to be free from the past and release it completely. When we forgive, we are truly free.

As regard to bulimia and anorexia, which I experienced, I love how she described it as the ultimate form of self-hatred. May we let go of this critical inner voice. May we find harmony with our own body and with food.

She is an expert as making us aware of the responsibility we have, once we reach adulthood. She teaches how we are responsible for our external circumstances. Thus, we need to aim at creating harmony inside, personally I use yoga, meditation and open-mindedness for that, in order to allow our external world to become harmonious too.

I love how each chapter ends with a special page, like a prayer, like reassurance in a nutshell, by words which remind us that All is well in our world.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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