Holiday #gifts Series: Mindfulness eating cards – episode 3

The gorgeous and colourful range of Believe You Can fairtrade gifts is very special.

Exclusively designed in England by Louise Birchmore, the lovely fairy hangings are made with care in rural India. Louise believes in “trade not aid” so she launched a fabulous gift collection made in India, thus benefiting their business and community.

Holiday #gifts Series: Mindfulness eating cards - episode 3 - Claire Samuel

As a recovered addict (bulimia, codependency), my relationship to food is very emotional and special. I love when I gain more awareness of what food does to our body and more gratitude towards it. “Se nourrir en conscience” is a beautiful box of cards, with a little book explaining how to use the cards. Some of them are Cards to love, Cards to meditate, Cards to practice, Cards to move, Cards to feel… You can put a card one the fridge for a week and meditate on it. Some of the cards are vegan recipes. For example, there is a card to set up a date with yourself for a delicious meal. You can even find a guided meditation for children. It is a very nice gift for someone special.


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