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Why writing my first #book put me into #depression then saved me from it

Why writing my first #book put me into #depression then saved me from it - Claire Samuel

Translating the first half of my book, from French to English, was very painful and made me depressed. However, it was a kind of catharsis so I needed to share. Moreover, I am sharing because I know that you may be the one who suffered rom abuse too, so you can relate and know you are not alone.

When I translated the second part of my book, I felt so much lighter. As I was reading my book to find the best words to convey my ideas in English, I felt a transformation occur. My own book healed me. Written from the bottom of my heart, I am sure it can touch you and make you rise higher towards freedom and happiness.

Le noeud de la spirale is available today in French language, but the English version is being published very soon.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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