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Why being wealthy is powerful? #wealthy people are good and thank you to my landlord

Why being wealthy is powerful? #wealthy people are good and thank you to my landlord - Claire Samuel

In France, you can only rent a flat if you work under a contract of undetermined duration, produce three months of pay slips and earn three times the amount of the rent. To be a single mother with two children is a burden for landlords. I remember how I searched a flat for many months, at a time where the above conditions were filled. The day I said I was single, without mentioning the children, the landlords started to accept to rent their flats to me.

When I went back to university, I stopped fulfilling the required conditions to rent. However, I was admitted to a prestigious masters class in the Sorbonne in Paris. Where could I live? My life was saved by a generous and wealthy woman. She listened to my story. I told her everything: going back to college to get my lawyer’s degree, the children, having no income but savings to pay the rent. She agreed to rent me one of her flats out of sisterhood. She was the friend of a friend, the one who accepted to be my guarantor. Thanks to this landlord, I managed to live in Paris, not far from the university.

Today, I have to move from Paris because the price of the rent is ridiculously high compared to the size of the flat, while pollution makes me sick. However, I remain so grateful for this generous woman. Without her wealth, she would not have been able to help me. I admire rich people and I wish for all of us, my friend, my sister, that we become as wealthy as it is possible, to help sisters in need.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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