What we put inside of us #purity


What we put inside of us #purity - Claire Samuel

Body awareness is new to me. Thanks to daily yoga and meditation, I learned to feel my body, listen to my emotions and identify my needs. Today, I have zero tolerance towards abuse, whether self-inflicted or coming from another being. I am very attentive at what I put inside of my body, taking into consideration the five senses.

I never had any television at home and am so grateful for this. Even on youtube, I am careful about the content I watch. As soon as I can spot a hateful video, I do my best to avoid clicking on it. In the same manner, I avoid the saddest songs. I sometimes enjoy a sad track for their catharsis effect. However, once again, I am careful not to over listen to such music. Moreover, food is of course crucial in my life. Eating raw and vegan is the secret of my beautiful energy level, almost constant. Lastly, I teach my children to have a pure mouth. This means that they cannot use it to complain, play a victim role, judge people who are different or say hurtful words of any kind.

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