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#homebirth series: can I give birth at home for my first #baby? – episode 2

#homebirth series: can I give birth at home for my first #baby? - episode 2 - Claire Samuel

During my first pregnancy, supported by an extraordinary independent midwife, one of my friend was due to give birth soon to her second baby. Her first baby was born by c-section. During her second pregnancy, she had taken the decision de do her very best to avoid the hospital this time. Her goal was to give birth at home, in water. She was very motivated. I was overwhelmed with joy the day she sent me a text announcing the birth of her second son within the comfort of her own living room. She confided in me afterwards that giving birth at home rather than at the hospital compared to enjoying a five-star hotel.

Personally, I gave birth at home for my first baby. I had read dozens of real life stories similar to my friend’s experience. I wanted to avoid the trauma induced by the hospital. Birthing was a sacred time for me, quite incompatible with lying down on the back with my legs in the air. Consequently, I acquired lots of knowledge by reading tons of books on giving birth, before hiring an independent midwife. She would visit me at home during the whole pregnancy. I never step one foot at the hospital. On the day my daughter was born, she had all the necessary equipment, required in case of an emergency. Thus, she had oxygen and episiotomy tools. In my humble opinion, the time it takes to go to the hospital should an emergency arises is equivalent to the time needed to set up a hospital room for a c-section. I was not worried about this. In the end, my admirable midwife did not have to use any of her special equipment. The only thing she used was a trumpet-shaped utensil to listen to my baby’s heartbeat during labor. So yes, giving birth at home is possible for a first baby. It is even better to do it for the first baby, because giving birth at home after a hospital birth makes it riskier and requires a lot more effort and preparation.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge all the midwives. You are doing an exceptional job. Thank you.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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