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#homebirth series: the first days at home with baby – episode 5

#homebirth series: the first days at home with baby - episode 5 Claire Samuel

How do you spend your days after giving birth at home? First, the few hours after the actual birth are a delight. My friend, my sister, you will enjoy the comfort of your own soft bed and your beautiful baby is so worth it. One great tip is to lay a big shower curtain underneath your bed linen. It will protect your mattress during the labor and birth. Losing some blood is normal. Afterwards, all you have to do is remove the shower curtain and the stained sheet, then replace it with a new sheet. Within a few minutes, your bed will be nice and clean. What a luxury compared to giving birth at the hospital!

My daughter was born in an inflatable birthing pool in the kitchen. After she made her entrance in the world, I went out of the pool and into the shower to cleanse myself. Then, I ate a little while my brilliant midwife weighed and measured my beautiful baby. Lastly, the baby learned to properly latch on the breast before we enjoyed a well-deserved rest, on my own familiar bed.

The next day, the birth pool had to be emptied. The house had to be reordered a little bit. Nevertheless, being already at home in a familiar environment, was true luxury and such a blessing. For instance, I could easily learn how to use cloth nappies.

My lovely midwife visited me daily after the birth, then weekly. After a few days enjoyed resting and getting to know my baby at home, I started going outside, to do some grocery shopping and see an osteopath, both for her and for me. Thus, I learned to tie a wrap baby carrier, so she could al ways stay close to my heart.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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