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#homebirth series: is red #raspberry leaf tea really helpful? – episode 8

#homebirth series: is red #raspberry leaf tea really helpful? - episode 8 Claire Samuel

Raspberry leaves: myth or reality? It is a reality if the plant is of utmost quality while the beverage is highly concentrated. If this is the case, yes, raspberry leaves make giving birth easier. When I did my research about them, I discovered that they were even used by veterinarians to help female animals when they give birth. I do not believe in a little tea bag of raspberry leaves taken like a usual herbal tea, but by a strong and concentrated infusion. As of the fourth month of pregnancy (not beforehand as it is not recommended), I bought the highest quality I could find of organic raspberry leaves, in bulk. Each evening, I would take a generous handful of leaves and fill a big thermos. It was left on the counter all night. The next day, I had a dark and strong beverage. The idea was not to get a pleasant taste but an effective help for the birth. I drank my leafy green tea during the day, whether cold with some lemon juice, or added to a warm herbal tea to have something hot to drink.

My daughter is my first baby. She was born at 1 in the morning, after a four-hour labor. I thank the raspberry leaves for such a quick and easy labor. With my second baby, I used the raspberry leaves again. I started having contractions at the seventh month of pregnancy. While it became clear that I needed to be transferred to the hospital as my baby was going to be premature, I drank a very concentrated raspberry leaf tea before the ambulance arrived. My son was born at the hospital but only within thirty minutes of me arriving there. Thank you red raspberry leaf tea.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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