Why am I creating youtube videos and a blog on #selfawareness

Why am I creating youtube videos and a blog on #selfawareness Claire Samuel

Since I committed to publish two videos and blog articles daily, my life has changed. IT is a commitment I made for you as well as for myself. In doing so, I deepened my capacity to self reflect, to have more self-awareness and to know myself better. Both my videos and blog articles are like a journal, which helps me to organize my thoughts and get clearer about the vision I have for my life. Moreover, I am delighted when I watch older videos, reminiscing the place they were recorded in and the state of mind I was in. IT brings me joy and a very unique sensation: being aware of how far I have come. I vividly encourage you, my friend, my sister, to start a journal, a blog or a youtube channel, even by leaving the videos private. In so doing, we will apply the socratic teaching of “Know yourself first“.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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