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Are you asking me for money?

Are you asking me for money? Claire Samuel

I received the first request for money from a stranger. I am aware that this is normal. Because I publicly share, I can be seen as a person who can easily lend or give money to others, even more so as my message stems from generosity. However, my friend, my sister, I learned so much from Markus Rothkranz in this regard. I love his personality and way of thinking. As regard to money, I am in line with him. On the one hand, I automatically give 10% of my income and, on the other hand, I only give to persons and charities who/which never ask me for money.

I have been personally confronted to rough situations, including financially. I have been helped by beautiful souls, without ever asking for money. May we remain in love, may we always seek to help others and may we radiate a good energy. This is the secret of abundance.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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