The day I decided to live for myself (while being the best mother I can)

The day I decided to live for myself (while being the best mother I can) Claire Samuel

I spent the last few days in a joyous state. I know I am leaving my tiny current flat in Paris to go and live where the sun shines brighter. I thought about Portugal then Montpellier in the South of France. Today, going to live in Tunisia seems so obvious. The weather is great, people are nice, it is a safe place and I work mostly from home so can live wherever I so choose. Additionally, I will teach some French and English classes there.

However, this morning I had doubts. I was wondering if it was the best solution for the children. Then I thought about my goal which is to be a good mother. Such a goal requires me to be a happy person. I have been living on my own with the children for over 7 years now. In my life, I never experienced what it is to live under the same roof with a healthy man. When my son is an adult, I will be almost 50 years old. It would be very sad to postpone my life. As a beautiful person told me lastly: “Live for yourself“. It is the best gift I can give to my children. I gave up my plan which consisted of working like crazy during the week as a lawyer, leaving my kids in a boarding school because I was coming home late at night every day, spending my week-ends doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the home and, if there is ever some time left, enjoying my kids.

Homeschooling is something I am passionate about. So I choose to follow my intuition and the Tunisia path, trusting God and life to meet along the path beautiful souls and to receive marvelous opportunities.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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