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Thank you Dara Dubinet and improvising a winter #raw meal

Thank you Dara Dubinet and improvising a winter #raw meal Claire Samuel

Dear Dara, you helped me to become a raw vegan, in a very easy manner and without even realizing I was jumping to 100% raw vegan. Thank you so much for your videos, both spontaneous and very informative.

To honor the practical tips I received from Dara about making raw vegan recipes simple, today I improvised a winter raw meal. It started with a fresh coconut (I did a video regarding how to safely open a coconut “How to open a fresh coconut for single ladies (no particular arms muscles needed)?“). Then, I had some oranges and mandarins. I also enjoyed beautiful lemons called “bergamot” which come from Morocco. The savoury dish was a mix of avocados (I also did a video for you my friend, my sister, about how important fats are to be beautiful and healthy: “The #fats I love on a raw food lifestyle: avocados and coconut oil, our two best friends“), pumpkin, mushrooms, lettuce, rosemary, cilantro and sea salt with cayenne pepper. The dessert was easy peasy: bananas, prunes, a bit of coconut water and cacao nibs. I am a huge fan of because they have the best raw chocolate ever.

PS: yes it is possible to be raw vegan, even without a blender. I enjoy a raw vegan lifestyle wihout smoothies since my blender burnt in a house fire.


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What do you think my friend my sister?

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