Whatever your past walk into your future #thankyou Karyn Calabrese

Whatever your past walk into your future #thankyou Karyn Calabrese Claire Samuel

We have been hurt, it is unfair, we did not deserve it. I know. But let’s keep on moving regardless. The past does not define who we are and who we can become. Because we can become whoever we decide to become. No excuses.

Karyn Calabrese was molested by several of her step fathers when she was a child. Hearing her really hit something in me because I was surrounded for a long time by a person who took her difficult childhood as an excuse for not being happy as an adult, although she had love around her. She could not see the love, because she was focused on the “poor me” mentality. My friend, my sister, being a victim is a prison.

Look where Karyn Calabrese is now! She has a wellness center and changes lives of so many people. I am so inspired by her. Please visit gorgeous Karyn Calabrese’s website here 


What do you think my friend my sister?

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