Humiliation is always damaging

Humiliation is always damaging Claire Samuel

Humiliation is dangerous because it always backlashes badly at some point.

Some research (for eg the French philosopher Gaspard Koenig) describes a universal income, without any conditions. The anguish of poverty disappears. There would be no humiliating moments begging social services for financial aids.

I also remember reading a book by Jacques Attali in which he advocates never using humiliation in diplomatic international relations. However tempting that may be, humiliating the opposite party is never a good bet.

I also have in my head the image of a man being taken in front of the judge because he pointed a gun at a doorman’s face. He had just been refused entry to a nightclub. He replied to the judge that he had been humiliated by the doorman. It was, in his mind, the justification of his act.

I felt very humiliated by several events. However, I make my best not to stay in that feeling. The reason is simple. Whoever humiliates you is saying much about him/her, not about you. It is not personal.

Une Breve Histoire de l'Avenir (French Edition) by Jacques Attali

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