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How to live on a budget as a single mother? #saving and protecting our wealth

How to live on a budget as a single mother? #saving and protecting our wealth Claire Samuel

My precious advice so we can have a better life as a single mother is: keep a budget. I have an excel spreadsheet where I list the money coming into and the money going out of my account.

When I escaped from abuse, I lived in a tiny studio flat so the children and I were all sleeping in the same room. They had a bunk bed and I was sleeping on a little mattress that I would slip under their bunk bed during the day. The following flat we lived into was bigger, but I had to pretend I was living with a friend, because he had pay slips and I didn’t. I was uncomfortable having to lie. Today, the only reason I can rent my flat is that my landlord is an amazing lady who trusted me despite my status as a single mother.

I decided to survive. I decided to ignore society’s expectations. Today, I still own only one pair of jeans and it cannot matter less. I love experiences, not things.

After the survival mode, we can slowly enter a new phase my friend, my sister. If we rebuild our life, abundance can enter it. We can overcome low self-worth and discover daily gratitude and what receiving with grace means. We can discover what we love, are good at and get paid for the value we provide to the world.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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