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Thank you Teal Swan #acknowledgement and gratitude for an extraordinary woman

Thank you Teal Swan #acknowledgement and gratitude for an extraordinary woman Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, you know how much I absolutely love Teal Swan and the amazing value she offers the world. I often talk about how she sees the world and am always adding links to her youtube videos and her books. It is time to dedicate an entire video to acknowledge her greatness, because she so deserves it.

Teal Swan shows us what authenticity is. Each day, she motivates me to “follow my joy“, which is notably to write for you my friend, my sister. Moreover, Teal Swan enabled me to understand so much about my past. I remember myself being eyes wide open in front of some of her videos and saying out loud: “Wow! Now I understand!“. Hence, I was able to draw a link between having been trapped into domestic abuse and being raised by a suicidal narcissistic mother.

Teal Swan is a true revolutionary. Among other things, she wants to change the justice system. This subject speaks to me because I did law school until I got a diploma as a lawyer. On a broader level, Teal Swan recommends to go inside the pain to get out of it. Of course, please watch her videos and read her books directly. She fights against the way modern psychiatry tends to prevent people for facing their traumatic experiences, to help them never thing about them again. On the contrary, it is by acknowledging and going inside the trauma that we can get free.

My personal experience, thanks to Teal Swan’s teachings, is the following.

At 19 years old, I was living on the sixth floor of a building. The weird thing was that I kept having a vision my me casually opening the window and jumping out, in the same exact manner I would brush my teeth each day. It was like a slow motion movie. It seemed like an inevitable event because I was seeing myself doing it naturally. I went to see a shrink about this. I ended up being prescribed Prozac, the same thing my mother was taking at the time. I was deeply ashamed about it. Taking Prozac at 20 years old felt like being a failure.

Today, going deep inside the pain means experiencing the feeling of being abandoned, isolated and lonely. Its resolution? Having in my mind the picture of the dance teacher I had when I was 10 years old, Catherine. Catherine is the same age as my mother. In my vision, she is my real mother. I see her taking me in her arms and I can feel her warmth and tenderness. She is saying that she is so proud of me, her daughter. She says all I have accomplished is amazing. She whispers that she trusts me. She is enthusiastic about my upcoming endeavours.

An immense thank you to Teal Swan. Words are not enough to convey the depth of my respect and admiration for her.

Final note: I was lucky to have taken Prozac for a limited time. If you take any kind of medication, you must take advice of your doctor/psychiatrist before modifying any treatment. Antidepressants are powerful medication which, if they should be stopped, must often be done slowly, safely and under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Another PS which is more joyful: I recommend to French people (I’m French) to learn English just so they can understand Teal Swan’s videos 😉

Teal SWAN Shadows Before Dawn: Finding the Light of Self-Love Through Your Darkest Times

Teal Swan’ newest book is The Completion Process:

The Completion Process The Practice of Putting Yourself Back Together Again TEAL SWAN

What do you think my friend my sister?

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