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Food, pleasure, bulimia and divine feminine energy

Food, pleasure, bulimia and divine feminine energy Claire Samuel

When I was bulimic, food was comfort but not pleasure. Food meant guilt and shame.

Today, I am in the never-ending process of healing and rebuilding my life. Food is one part of it. I have been raw vegan for nearly three years now. Food today is very different from what it was. Even my taste buds have changed. I could not get any satisfaction today in eating what I used to eat, like pastries. I feel so attracted by living foods. Fresh fruits and salads give me so much pleasure that I like to eat in a quit place to really enjoy eating without having to think about anything else.

Food and the pleasure of consuming living fresh food means I get so much life force and energy. I feel so feminine having so much pleasure in eating. I feel I am receiving love from life itself.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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