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Is rebounding good for the #pelvic floor? first thoughts

Is rebounding good for the #pelvic floor? first thoughts

I am honest: I do not have a strong pelvic floor. It is common for women who did not have the opportunity to rebuild their pelvic floor after a second baby and also for those of us who have been sexually abused, because we just do not want to think about this area of our body.

Nevertheless, having a good pelvic floor is very important as Dr Belisa Vranich explains on the amazing interview Tera Warner did of her. Kegels are a good way to rebuild our pelvic floor and so is yoga.

Recently, I did some rebounding with my children and was shock and ashamed to discover I really could do better to get a stronger pelvic floor. I plan on having a rebounder in the garden (soon) for the three of us. The opinions about how rebounding can help us get a stronger pelvic floor are contradictory. I have the intuition it is good for me and loved this article from Goop about it entitled “The secrets of the pelvic floor“.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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