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Shall we sacrifice ourselves for our children? #positiveeducation

Shall we sacrifice ourselves for our children? #positiveeducation

I choose sincerity. Sometimes I admit to my children that I am annoyed because they can play and I have chores to do. I also truly love working, so I say it to them as well. My point is not to sacrifice my happiness for their sake, as some people are trying me to do. Moreover my happiness is not contradictory to their joy and well-being. Some people value never moving places for the sake of the children for instance. Others think it is best to not get a divorce even when the relationship is failing, for the sake of the children.

I do not want my children to bear the burden of guilt. I am doing the best to provide for them and raise them as best as I can while following my joy.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. It is not easy to go against the way we were raised and against the image of the “good” sacrificing mother, isn’t it?

      However, our children deserve to be free, not guilty. They deserve to live their own lives without guilt, happy that their mother is fulfilled and empowered.

      It is my wish that we help each others as mothers to follow our joy and be happy. It is my wish that we fill our own cup to give to our children, from an overflowing cup.

      Have a fantastic day 🙂


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