A typical day when I fulfill my #mission

A typical day when I fulfill my #mission

I love waking up early. This is freedom for me. 430 or 5 am is perfect. I take a shower, I start the washing machine then I practice self-care: yoga then meditation. Then, I record videos for you, each time in English and in French. By 730am, I wake up the children and help them get ready for school.

By the time they are at school, I work on my websites, before preparing and savoring my unique meal of the day (I do intermittent fasting). Thanks to my burnout and the subsequent career change I made, my son can come back home at lunch time. Thus, he does not have to go to school lunches, where children are forced to eat, whether they are hungry or not. Early afternoon, I follow Roberto Blake’ good advice and do a power nap to maintain my creative juices and cognitive capacities until evening. Each day, I have some errand to run, mostly grocery shopping, and it allows me to enjoy sunshine and fresh air. I like to do a bit of yoga in the afternoon as well, usually a 20-minute-sequence with Yoga With Adriene on YouTube.

My son comes back early from school and, for the first time since many long years, I am there. I am present, even though I do not play directly with him but I work on the computer. It feels very good not be trapped at the office until 11 pm, stressing for my children. I only eat one meal a day, so I prepare a meal for my son in the early evening. I love going to bed early, like 830 / 9pm.

PS: my mic is Rode smartlav +:

Rode SmartLavPlus Microphone lavalier I love the quality of this microphone and this is the one I use everyday

What do you think my friend my sister?

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