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What is #home? Uprooted children or open-minded human beings?

What is #home? Uprooted children or open-minded human beings?

As I was enjoying following the great Kate Magic on Instagram (she went to Bali last winter), I saw she was happy to be home in the UK after a beautiful travel experience in Indonesia.

Personally I wonder if I can call somewhere “home”. However what I know for sure is that I feel at home very rapidly when I am somewhere new. As some people accuse me of uprooting my children by moving abroad, I contemplate how open-mindedness is an underestimated quality. Having the skill to adjust and adapt is worth it. Choosing self-sacrifice to make sure our kids are raised in the same place during their entire childhood does not feel right. Belonging and feeling secure relate to knowing we are loved and safe. Whenever we go, I create the best loving environment I can for my children. What is your experience? Did you move abroad when you were a child?


What do you think my friend my sister?

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