Raw vegan recipe or the amazing contrasts #salad

Raw vegan recipe or the amazing contrasts #salad

This colorful salad shows us beautiful contrats of color as if it was reminded us that without the dark we would not see the stars. Please write in the comments if you know who says this great quote. The ingredients of this nice yummy recipe are:

  • Dressing made of juice and pulp of one grapefruit and two oranges
  • One parsley
  • One diced mango
  • Wild greens like dandelions
  • Sprouts like alfalfa
  • One avocado
  • Fresh seaweed
  • A few blueberries
  • Spring onions
  • Some broccoli fleurets marinated in apple cider vinegar for a night to make it more digestible
  • Two tablespoons of cultured vegetables: I used fermented butternut squash
  • A few fresh turnips
  • Some spinach leaves
  • Two endives
  • One tablespoon of cacao nibs: I buy my raw chocolate in large quantities at RawLiving because it is so good

Raw vegan recipe or the amazing contrasts #salad


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