Little Rabbit’s New Baby or increasing our emotional connexion to our children #childrenbook

Little Rabbit's New Baby or increasing our emotional connexion to our children #childrenbook

I was very inspired by Teal Swan’s video entitled “School Shooters (Understanding School Shooters and What To Do To Prevent School Shootings)“. There is a lot of emphasis on connection with our children. She very well explains that sometimes some traumas get unnoticed because society does not recognize these events as traumatic. It can be the case with the arrival of a new baby. The big brother or sister can feel very isolated at this time.

I remember reading and rereading so many times a great children book called Little Rabbit’s New Baby by Harry Horse. My daughter was three years old and my new baby was born premature. Although I was raising my kids alone and needed to focus a lot of my son, my daughter was extraordinary kind and gentle with him. There is some jealousy between my children even today but nothing extreme. I hope it gives you the courage to do it. Raising a toddler and a baby is such a challenge that anything helpful is worth mentioning. This is the case with the book Little Rabbit’s New Baby. It can help us start a conversation with our child about the newborn, feeling less important, hearing her cry and so on. I highly recommend this beautiful book.

Read Little Rabbit’s New Baby by Harry Horse here.

Little Rabbit's New Baby Harry Horse book




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