How to keep aromatic herbs fresh for longer? #rawvegan

How to keep aromatic herbs fresh for longer? #rawvegan

Whenever I buy cilantro, parsley, dill or mint, I have a special ritual to keep these aromatic herbs fresh. I rinse them under the tap, I cut the stem for half an inch and put them straight into a little glass of water. They stay fresh in the fridge for about two or three days.


How to stay one one’s #path without following the opinion of others?

How to stay one one's #path without following the opinion of others?

I liked the Montpellier project” says one of my friends while I move to Tunisia, after planning to go to Portugal then Montpellier.

We do not share the exact same life: how can I follow the directions of someone who does not go to the place I go? May we stay on our own track my friend, my sister. In faith and confidence in our abilities. Blessings sister.


To cultivate #gratitude or to complain for the wait?

To cultivate #gratitude or to complain for the wait?

Why complaint about waiting in line at the supermarket while we spent hours waiting in any amusement park? Life is so precious my friend, my sister. I choose gratitude. To wait for something is a privilege. To wait means I am still alive.

How to use #chia seeds in a vegan salad dressing?

How to use #chia seeds in a vegan salad dressing?

Chia seeds are the secret for a glowing skin and clean intestines. Very rich in vitamin E and omega 3, these amazing tiny seeds will grow 8 eight times their size in any liquid.

My vegan salad dressing is easy peasy:

2 tablespoons of chia seeds in half a cup of water

olive oil and apple cider vinegar

celtic sea salt.

If you fancy some garlic, feel free to add some. You can also enhance this salad dressing with nutritional yeast for the vitamins B and even some crunchy mulberries. Enjoy!

My son does not want us to move abroad anymore! #children emotions

My son does not want us to move abroad anymore! #children emotions

I feel the sky is falling on my head. My son was so happy for us to move to Tunisia. However, he recently changed his mind. He confided in me that he was afraid of losing his little world and his friends. I understand. I choose to reflect his emotions, to dive deep into them with him and to support him during this important life transition.

Practicing self-care so our #children do not have to take care of us

Practicing self-care so our #children do not have to take care of us

May we practice self-care, especially as mothers, so that our children do not have to take care of us instead of living their lives. It is my wish that my children live their adult life free and happy. I take exquisite care of myself so that when I am old I am satisfied with my life and happy, not a burden for them.

These are the hands of my dear grand-mother, who is almost 100 years old. She has never been a burden, yet she lived most of her life alone. I love her so much. She is my hero.

Practicing self-care so our #children do not have to take care of us


Facing fear of lack and flashbacks #phenix

Facing fear of lack and flashbacks #phenix

As a woman suddenly screamed in the bus, I was reminded of my dear mother. She was imprevisible. She could remove her love and support in a second. I spent my whole childhood walking on egg shells, wondering what I did wrong.

I am still working on overcoming fear of lack. It happens every day. For instance, I can spot how disproportionate my reaction can be and then make amends, start over, heal myself.


Had Tama Kieves not written her #book I would have collapsed

Had Tama Kieves not written her #book I would have collapsed

Inspired and Unstoppable by Tama Kieves motivated me so much when I was back to college. More than a book it was a friend.

Express yourself sister because you never know who could benefit from what you have to say to the world.

I love listening to the video of Preston Smiles dancing on the song Great Spirit.

"Inspired & Unstoppable" by Tama Kieves

Is being single mum impossible? #singleparent

Is being single mum impossible? #singleparent

I finally understood why I was so drawn to renting a flat while all the objective reasons were in favor of renting a house. I shared my hesitations with you here. The house (which I eventually chose) is bigger and makes walking to school safer. However, the flat was situated underneath another flat inhabited by a school teacher, a lady living alone. This detail was comforting to me.

It made sense when I watched Teal Swan advising a single mother to live with other single mothers. Single parenthood is so difficult for one person so it is not very healthy. Moreover, children need several persons to turn to, not just one.

However, I have been a single mum for over 7 years now. I cannot say it is impossible. It is challenging. I am sending you positive vibes because I am certain we all have some kind of challenge to face. I am sending you the nice vibes I would like to receive myself. I believe being a single mother, however difficult, is also turning me into the best version of myself.

As always I highly recommend Teal Swan’ teachings. The three videos below deeply resonate with me. I hope they bring you clarity too: