Why is self-confidence so important? #notperfect

Why is self-confidence so important? #notperfect

I translated my book from French to English. The book in its French edition is called Le noeud de la spirale. A British friend said she would do the proofreading for me. However, what was meant to last one month was not finished after four months. I inquired about professional proofreading services. The cost is about Euros 500 for my book. So, I choose to trust myself instead. I am doing the proofreading of my own book. As soon as it is done, I self-publish my book in English on Amazon. Sometimes, trusting oneself saves time…

My book in English is The Knot in the Spiral:

the knot in the spiral by claire samuel

And in French Le noeud de la spirale:

Le noeud de la spirale



What do you think my friend my sister?

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