Wisdom – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 1

Wisdom - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 1

Dear Universe, dear God, dear Life, please provide me with the serenity to accept things I cannot change. Please provide me with the courage to change the things I can change. Please provide me with the wisdom to know the difference.

Let’s take a very deep breath together, in and out. Wisdom does not mean having read many books, nor a certain age or diplomas or social status. Wisdom is discernment my friend my sister.

Today our position is a gentle twist. Lie gently on your back, lift the right leg up and twist to the left side, opening your right arm to the right at the same time. Feel the twist in your beautiful belly. Feel your spine gently turning, like a ring of gorgeous pearls. Breathe in, breathe out. Again, in and out. One last time, in and out. Then, gently come back to center and switch side. Lift the left leg and gently turn it on the right. Open your left arm on the left. Breathe.

You have wisdom. Again, breathe deeply. You have discernment. One last time, breathe. You are safe. Come back to center. Rest both legs on the mat, your arms resting peacefully on your sides. Wisdom is knowledge applied. Read and learn, then apply everything you are taught if it feels right for you. Take action in your life. Use what you have learned. We are responsible for our body my friend my sister. May we take care of our beautiful body with kindness, with the exquisite tenderness it deserves. I do not ignore my body anymore. I listen to the infinite wisdom of my body. When I feel a disease, it is my body trying to let me know something. I listen to the wisdom of my beautiful body.

Namaste, Claire

My yoga pants are lovingly made by Lululemon and they are the comfiest I ever tried (I also love the secret pocket at the back).

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