One yoga pose One feeling Series

Truth – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 2

Truth - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 2

First, let’s say thank you. Thank you is such a magical word. Please choose someone who helped you in your life or simply who made your life better and say thank you to this person. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Personally, I say thank you to the angel I talked about in my book, the angel who looked at me with beautiful eyes even though I had just told him I was raped.

Let’s go into child pose. Such a simple pose because thank you are such simple words. However, it is a powerful yoga pose and powerful words. You can put your hands in front or on your sides for a more restorative practice.

Today, I choose truth. I choose integrity. I say yes when I mean yes and no when I feel in my gut it is a no. I stay in truth, so I honor my beautiful body. I stay in truth, so I attract the right people into my life. I can feel the mat supporting my body, like the universe supports me. I remind myself that without the dark we could not see the stars. I accept my thoughts, negative or positive, without judging them, like a mother accepts her child without judging her. I remain on the path of truth and light.

Namaste, Claire

the knot in the spiral by claire samuel

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What do you think my friend my sister?

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