One yoga pose One feeling Series

Love – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 3

Love - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 3

Let’s take a breath of love. Let’s love ourselves sister, despite the mistakes we made in the past and will make in the future. May we all forgive ourselves. May we look at nature to see that nature is beautiful, though it is not perfect. Sister, we are enough, provided we do our best. Let’s open our heart chakra, the emerald green chakra. Please place your hands on your beautiful heart. I am open to receive. I am open to receive love. Sister, being heartbroken did not damage us, because it means our heart was close beforehand. Now our heart is open, and we can receive all the love we deserve. Receiving is part of the divine feminine. I have a fantastic book recommendation for you regarding love, it is called The mastery of love by Don Miguel Ruiz:

the mastery of love

Today the yoga pose is called camel. It has different levels. Please be extra careful with this pose and go really slow. Slowly with practice, you will be able to go further. We start with gentle cat/cow. Inspire and look up, expire and round your back. Let’s do that several times, following our own breath rhythm. Inspire love from the people who love you, expire love to the people who you love. Then, first level of camel is to gently place your hand on the lower back and look up. Breathe as your heart opens. Second level is to go back further. Please be very slow and mindful. If you are very flexible, you can do a full camel pose, by grabbing your toes. Breathe love in, breathe love out. I open my heart to love. I open my heart to receive love. I am love. Love surrounds me. One last breath and we very slowly come back up. Sit in a comfortable position, crossed legs and back straight. Your head is straight, beautiful, dignified. We have personal power sister. We have the ability to judge well, so we are safe. We can be opened to love. We can receive. Vision yourself overflowing with love, like an overflowing cup. Love comes out of you. It never stops. You are love. We don’t need to beg for love anymore, like a starving woman. We are overflowing with love. We have love for ourselves and other. We are enough, just the way we are today. Love, love, love.

Namaste, Claire

My yoga pants are from Lululemon.

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