One yoga pose One feeling Series

Joy – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 4

Joy - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 4

Let’s start by giving thanks to the people who bring joy into our life. I am thankful to my children for being pure joy, pure light. We are responsible for our joy, not for the circumstances. Let’s focus on our solar plexus, the yellow chakra of personal power. I can choose to feel joy, whatever is happening around me. There is always a place for joy.

Today we have a challenge together. We will stand on one leg and a bonus for you if you fall. Because life is about how we go back up when we fall. Let’s laugh at it. Please do not ever blame yourself when you fall. It is part of life. We fall, and we come back up, with compassion for ourselves.

Now lift your leg in a triangle shape. This is tree pose. You can lift your arms up high, and you can even close your eyes for additional challenge. Breathe, and switch sides. The deeper the pain, the deeper the joy sister. You are beautiful, you are loved, you are safe.

Now let’s stand up and close our eyes, arms gently on the sides. Breathe. Remember that you can never be really hurt, because there is a part of you which cannot be touched by anybody. Whatever happened to us, the rape, the abandonment, the abuse. There is a part deep inside of us which is pristine, pure, and it is the source of joy. Joy comes from the inside.

Joy. A smile. A laugh. Remember: first there is joy, then the circumstances around align to our joy and beautiful things appear in our life. You are enough sister. Joy. Always.

Namaste, Claire

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What do you think my friend my sister?

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