Presence – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 6

Presence - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 6

Let’s start by shaking hands as fast as possible. Can you feel the good energy in your hands? Now, let’s put our hands in front of our eyes, very gently. Breathe in and breathe out. Life was given to us, so we can appreciate the journey. May we make the most out of this fascinating journey.

Today our yoga pose is pigeon. I start on all fours, then I bend my right leg in front and straighten my left leg behind me. The right foot must stay active. I am present. You can softly breathe in and out from this position, or try sleeping pigeon by putting your forehead on the mat. It is so important to breathe deeply in pigeon. Slowly we switch sides by going back to all fours. Then, we bend the left leg and strengthen the right leg behind. The left foot remains active. I stay present in my body, not only in my mind. Let’s slowly breathe together. You can close your eyes if you wish. Happiness depends upon the way we see life, how we see our joys and the things we must overcome. Happiness means I am present today, now. Let’s gently come back to all fours, then sit on our knees for a last deep breath together. I am not in the past nor in the future. I welcome life with all my attention and presence.

Namaste, Claire

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