My heart is torn between 2 houses or conscious choice #integrity and positive education -Tunisia 1:3

My heart is torn between two houses or consciously choosing #integrity and positive education Living in Tunisia 1:3

I refuse to sacrifice myself for my children. I do not want them to carry on their shoulders the burden of guilt. When it comes to choosing a house to live in, I face a difficult choice between two places to rent.

I love the first house we visited, which is actually a ground floor flat, but I will choose the second one which is bigger. I am choosing to make it a priority to have space for the children. I am making this choice with all my awareness. I refuse to complain about this choice to my children in the future. I feel that these next five years with the children are very precious. I know they will fly away from the nest rapidly afterwards. I admit I prefer the first place, but I focus on the positive traits of the second one. Hence, I will get a garden to grow vegetables and the children can walk to school without having to cross a busy road.




What do you think my friend my sister?

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