Our children grow up quickly #selfcare and motherhood

Our children grow up quickly #selfcare and motherhood

I spent the last twelve years taking care of my children alone. During the first years, I even had a violent and abusive man in the house who made life very painful. It was exhausting.

Then I took care of the children as single mother and it was easier than living with a manipulator. However, I admit that I spent these past years rushing around all day in a frenzy. Being responsible for two kids requires so much logistics every time an appointment needs to be taken, whether at the dentist or the osteopath.

Today for the first time of my life as a mother, I feel I can finally breathe a bit more, take time to practice self-care and be a better mother as a result. My friend, my sister, yes indeed our children grow up so quickly. So, let’s make the most of their presence with us. They will rapidly go and live by themselves. Even if it is still challenging sometimes, I make a conscious effort to enjoy the present moment as a family. I am aware than the years to come are precious. I refuse to grow old and have regrets once the children are living by themselves.

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