Is being single mum impossible? #singleparent

Is being single mum impossible? #singleparent

I finally understood why I was so drawn to renting a flat while all the objective reasons were in favor of renting a house. I shared my hesitations with you here. The house (which I eventually chose) is bigger and makes walking to school safer. However, the flat was situated underneath another flat inhabited by a school teacher, a lady living alone. This detail was comforting to me.

It made sense when I watched Teal Swan advising a single mother to live with other single mothers. Single parenthood is so difficult for one person so it is not very healthy. Moreover, children need several persons to turn to, not just one.

However, I have been a single mum for over 7 years now. I cannot say it is impossible. It is challenging. I am sending you positive vibes because I am certain we all have some kind of challenge to face. I am sending you the nice vibes I would like to receive myself. I believe being a single mother, however difficult, is also turning me into the best version of myself.

As always I highly recommend Teal Swan’ teachings. The three videos below deeply resonate with me. I hope they bring you clarity too:

What do you think my friend my sister?

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