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A child #psychiatrist or making the effort to be present with the children?

A child #psychiatrist or making the effort to be present with the children?

My son stole money from me and his teacher told me he was an unhappy pupil. I got in touch with a psychologist we saw for a short period last year. She referred me to a child psychiatrist.

However, something in me told me that it would be a better investment to spend time with my son. To be present. I changed my whole career to be more present but he needs even more.

Yes it challenging because I also need to work. Yes it frightens me. Yes it feels overwhelming.

I love working from home but taking care of the children nonstop without any interruption, except when they are at school, is so demanding.

So I choose to do my best to help the kids grow, while taking care of me, doing what I love as much as possible, teaching them to respect boundaries and dealing with their incessant fights.

I am not perfect. I am human and true because I want to let you know you are not alone. We all have challenges.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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