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Book review about #minimalism getting rid of clutter and going back to what truly matters

Book review about #minimalism getting rid of clutter and going back to what truly matters

As always, serendipity is around me: just as I get ready to move abroad, I read a book about minimalism and decluttering.

Please find below my 10 reasons why you should read about minimalism and, should you read French, I recommend the book entitled “L’Art du minimalisme“.

1. The inside of our home is a mirror of the inside of ourselves

This is such a fascinating idea.

I was aware that the food I eat and the way I think had influence over my external circumstances.

Now, everything makes so much more sense. I understand that the place where I live also contributes to how I feel and how my life unfolds.

Taking care of our space is a way to get a healthy body but also a healthy home.

2. Making space to welcome life

Cleaning, tidying and getting rid of old stuff allows a new energy to enter our life.

It seems only logical to clear space in order to welcome new opportunities.

3. Having more

Letting go of materialism and choosing not to buy more possessions as a way of comforting ourselves: this is true wealth.

Our life is bigger and more spacious when it is not cluttered with objects.

4. The luxury of the best

Choosing to consume less and better means deciding to get only the very best.

Only one object but a quality one, which we can keep over a long period of time, can replace so many superfluous and cheap material stuff.

Allowing ourselves to get the very best is a way to prove our intrinsic worth to ourselves.

5. When shall I throw away something?

A good rule of thumb is to donate, sell or throw away any object which has not been used over the last year.

If I spot a dress in my wardrobe which has not been worn for a year, it will go.

6. Objects and people cluttering our life

Minimalism is far more than a neat and tidy home.

Surrounding ourselves by the necessary and getting rid of the superfluous is a good way to have a clearer mind, notably as regard to the people we choose to have around us.

My space as well as my time are very precious. Consequently, I choose not to stay in draining relationships.

7. Minimalism means more space then more time

An uncluttered and tidy home will be so much easier to clean. Housecleaning will be much less time-consuming as a result.

8. Minimalism = less stress

Getting rid of the heavy load of possessions which clutter our home is a way of feeling lighter and reducing stress.

What fascinates me is the link between our material life and our spiritual life. They really go hand in hand and influence each other.

9. Increasing our wealth

Being a victim to the advertisement industry which aims at creating needs makes us poor.

Committing to buying an object only when we really need it increases our wealth.

10. What is the most precious thing on earth?

Health of course! No object can ever replace health. Less stress, more health.

Let’s be brave enough to give minimalism a try. Its amazing results can change our whole life.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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