Why and how to install a shower #filter for purest water?

Why and how to install a shower #filter for purest water?

It took me moving to Tunisia to take time to install a water filter on my shower.

Why? To soften hard water and take care of skin and hair. Of course a shower filter does not make the water drinkable if it is not but it really helps with its quality.


Reply to B. or what about fibroids #fromwomentowomen


Reply to B. or what about fibroids #fromwomentowomen

B. asked me for advice because she has fibroids in her belly. I suffered from fibroids in the past as well.

Let’s start by an important disclaimer: nothing in this video is intended to diagnose or treat any disease and you must consult a medical doctor if you suffer from an illness.

My reply is threefold.

1. Our environment shapes us, whether at home or at work

I had fibroids in my belly. They were a cry for attention from my body. Fibroids meant for me that I was living in an unhealthy environment. Does this relate to you?

Personally, I was under stress at work, surrounded by two mean colleagues.

I was living in a studio flat with my two children, with cockroaches which disgusted me. My “home” environment was therefore unhealthy as well.

The place where we live and work influence our well-being immensely.

Of course, it is not possible to change everything at once.

However, it is often possible to improve what surrounds us, step by step.

A counterexample? One of my colleagues was always sick and complaining because she hated her job and the company within which she was employed. However, she had never tried anything else, another company for instance, because of her fear to end up in a worst place. It has been 20 years she was employed in a job she hated and, apparently, she still works there today, going to work every day with frustration and anger.

May we trust life. May we have the openness to welcome the opportunities that only change can bring.

2. Opening ourselves to new ideas, learning and taking only what resonates with us

Reading, researching, watching informative videos, listening to inspiring podcasts and attending workshops.

Gaining new knowledge and welcoming new ideas without biases.

I improved my well-being by opening my mind.

Let’s ditch old habits and thinking.

So many interesting books can help us improve our life, notably mine of course 😉 The Knot in the Spiral has been written not only to share a story, but also to guide you, step by step, along the way to well-being and happiness.

We never stop learning. There are always new ways of broadening our mind and reach higher consciousness.

For instance, the idea of a morning routine kept coming up in my readings. Therefore, I built a magical morning routine tailored to my needs. I repeat it each day every day of the year. My morning routine is part of what keeps me free of fibroids and other symptoms of intense stress. I wake up early, I do yoga and meditate before working at my desk. My routine modifies how my day goes and, eventually, how my whole life goes.

3. Giving the best to our body

The first time I consulted an OB-GYN after escaping abuse, finding a place to rent and enrolling my children to a new school, I had still such a traumatized body that I was contracted from head to toe.

My OB-GYN was shocked. She felt fibroids in my belly. I visualized them as gigantic dark balls full of grief, poisoning me from the inside.

She advised me to do yoga, to relax and to breathe. Simple? Yes indeed, but it was new to me.

Step by step, I learned to take care of my body which I had previously abandoned. I cleanse from the traumas thanks to several detox programs.

I discovered green smoothies and living foods.

My love for spirulina started at this time and never went away.

If I am fibroids free today, it is the results of several years dedicated to rebuilding my life, my body, my soul.

B., I wish you the best. You deserve it. There is light inside of you, like every one of us. This light can never be dimmed. It belongs to you. You have the power to change. You can get free of fibroids and all the things you do not need anymore.


Thank you strong great men or how supporting a woman helps the children #TheEmpoweredWoman


Thank you strong great men or how supporting a woman helps the children #TheEmpoweredWoman

In her great book, The Empowered Woman, Kate Magic shares the challenges inherent to raising kids.

In her particular case, she chose long-term breastfeeding and homeschooling for her three kids.

In her book, Kate Magic highlights how stress over paying the rent and providing food for the children can hinder motherhood.

Often, women reduce their work hours and even quit their job to raise their children and make the most of these very special years.

However, stressing over money hurts us and damage our children as well because they can feel everything. It is impossible to hide emotions from our kids, even if we never say the actual words.

Consequently, I would like to express my utmost gratitude, admiration and respect to the strong men out there, the ones who support their woman during this magical time of raising children.


Letter to my #neighbor or we need each other as human beings

Letter to my #neighbor or we need each other as human beings

Before leaving to Tunisia, I wrote a letter to my neighbor Can, to thank him for being a light, a support, an inspiration.

Letter to my #neighbor or we need each other as human beings

Praise for my neighbor

It has been 3 years since our flat front doors are less than 6 feet apart.

It has been 3 years that I have peace of mind, knowing you are there shall I lose my keys or shall the children need anything in my absence.

You taught me what true human connection means.

You showed me the power inside the simple act of starting a conversation with a stranger.

For me, you are the embodyment of a value, a skill and a goal: spreading happiness.

Thank you for inspiring all of us to make the world a better place.