Do you feel your #childhood had the aridity of a desert?

Do you feel your #childhood had the aridity of a desert?

I love my mother. However, I am unable to wrap my head around her behavior. I have come to accept that I shall spend my life expecting a sign from her that I am good enough, even though such sign will never come.

Instead of sadness, this situation brings me motivation to be even more loving towards my children. I am proud of myself when I have patience and understanding for my children.

Today I wish to extend my compassion to us all who had a childhood like the Sahara desert. A childhood of loneliness and feeling unworthy.

I want to wrap my arms around the child I was. I want to say to her that she is loveable, beautiful, smart and deserves the very best of life. I feel the tears in my eyes as I look at this child whispering to her that freedom and abundance are her birth rights.

Lots of love sister. You are a human being. You deserve to love and be loved.