Why learn a new #language ? another reason is relationships

Why learn a new #language ? another reason is relationships

Whenever I meet a Tunisian person who speaks fluent French, I feel we are part of the same family.

However, I am deeply convinced that all of us humans on earth belong to a wide and diversified family.

Differences in the language we speak are just a veil which makes us think we are separate, when in reality we are all interconnected.

Nevertheless, there is this undeniable innate trust around having a conversation in your mother tongue when you are abroad.

Consequently my friend my sister, may we broaden our skills even more by learning a new language. This capacity will enrich and deepen our relationships even more.

Why accept to be hypervigilent after a trauma? #hypervigilence

Why accept to be hypervigilent after a trauma? #hypervigilence

One of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder is hypervigilence.

I do not want to ignore it nor be ashamed of my hypervigilence, but to accept it for what it is.

I fell still hypervigilent because I am in a transitional period, within the rebuilding of myself, of my life.

By accepting us just as we are today, we can gracefully evolve, in trust and serenity.



Cultured courgettes and cucumbers in apple juice and dill #fermentation

Cultured courgettes and cucumbers in apple juice and dill #fermentation

Today’s recipe is inspired by a video from Donna Gates and David Avocado Wolfe, two people I respect and admire so much, entitled “David Wolfe & Donna Gates – Veggie Bullet – Body Ecology“.

To make this fermented dish simple, I added the following to a nice glass jar: cucumbers, zucchinis, dill and garlic, cultured into home-made apple juice.

The fermentation process starts with a pinch of probiotics in powder form (from RawLiving). Then, the beneficial bacteria can multiply for two days in the fridge.

This is so good and tasty. I love it. I guess my GI tract will love it too.

I love Raw Living 🙂

RawLiving Raw Living superfood store


“I would give my own life for my son” But what if it does not change anything?

"I would give my own life for my son" But what if it does not change anything?

I love Preston Smiles and could relate when he shared that he would give his own life for his son (@prestonsmiles).

However, what if giving our life could not change anything?

I feel so frustrated because giving my life would not have prevented my son from suffering.

If this is the case for you as well, my heart goes to yours.

May we help each other sister. May we take care of our children even more, without guilt.


Why adapt and change with the #flow of life?

Why adapt and change with the #flow of life?

I had a rigid upbringing. Today, I am obsessed with moving with the flow of life.

I arrived in Tunisia a few months ago. I adapt by looking at what Tunisian people do, not tourists. I do not try to live the same life I was living in Paris, but I change my routines and rythm according to my new country.

Adapting and changing make the perfect combination for growth, according to the beautiful flexibility of our divine feminine essence.

It is never all black or white #discernment

It is never all black or white #discernment

Abusers are not 100% violent and manipulative. Without a bit of light, we wouldn’t see them at all. This is why it is difficult to leave a toxic relationship. Sometimes the perpetrator seemed kind with me.

Discernment is realizing their light is false. It is a disguise to attach us to them.

Discernment is not judging them but nurturing our light, so we do not become prey to abuse.

My darkness was a very low self-esteem and this is what attracted me to a violent man.

My light today is self-care while living my purpose.

Adventures in nopoo land #naturalbeauty for the hair

Adventures in nopoo land #naturalbeauty for the hair

I tried the nopoo method to take care of my hair in a more natural way.

The idea is simple: instead of using regular shampoo which can deprive the scalp from natural oils, you apply apple cider vinegar or lemon juice on the hair. You can also do a dry shampoo with bicarbonate of soda.

The result was so bad for me. I could not stand having this greasy hair any longer. After two months of trying the nopoo method, I did not go back to regular shampoo however. I decided to use a natural olive oil soap and it is great at the moment.

Have you tried the nopoo method for your hair? How was it for you? Please share with the community and let’s help each other sisters!