I want to show you it is possible #changeyourlife

I want to show you it is possible #changeyourlife

I recall this very moment when the Tunisian winter sun was softly warming my skin, in December.

My feet stood firmly on the red brick terrace of a hotel in Tunisia.

I was enjoying a pleasant conversation with a newly retired couple. They were delighted to share photos of the house they were renting nearby.

At that moment, I was only enjoying their presence. However, without being aware of it, a little seed had been planted inside me.

That seed grew. A few months afterwards, my eyes opened on the amazing possibility in front of me: I could go and live in Tunisia with the children to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks to this one interaction with these two human beings.

I remember them clearly although we did not keep in touch, so I send them gratitude vibes with all my heart.

They showed me it was possible to change our life. It is my turn to do this for you now, my friend my sister.

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