The one who says hello first or living with others in #kindness

The one who says hello first or living with others in #kindness

When I arrived in my new neighborhood in Tunisia, I was too shy to always greet people when our paths would cross.

It was especially the case when a few women were gathered together.

Thus, it triggered a bad memory. When I was in high school, I was bullied by several girls.

However, I was able to say hello to a few people I would meet while walking to or from my house. Some would reply, others would not, but I persevered.

One day, my neighbor invited me to his house for a meal. He confided that his son had been very happy to hear that I said hello to him first and in arabic.

He explained that, within in religious teachings, the one who says hello first will go more easily to paradise.

Today, I feel like supporting you, my friend my sister, in saying hello first to the people you meet on your path, even to those who do not reply or look away.

There will always be beautiful souls, people who will be touched deeply by your choice, your bravery and your kindness.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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