Why am I eating sardines after 3 years of 100% #rawvegan lifestyle?

Why am I eating sardines after 3 years of 100% #rawvegan lifestyle?

I cultivate flexibility not rigidity. I have been eating 100 % raw vegan for over 3 years now.

However, I found myself salivating at the idea of eating sardines when I was reading The clarity cleanse by Doctor Habib Sadeghi as sardines are part of his detox protocol.

I felt like eating some recently and I did it sister!

In my humble opinion, listening to our body is so much more important than following any kind of diet.

I eat raw because I absolutely love it. So I am keeping a raw vegan lifestyle but for 99.9%.

I was also inspired to remain flexible after hearing Shakaya Leone who I love very much in the video “Ex-Vegan (15 Years): Veganism Is Not Sustainable – It’s a “Cleanse,” Not Nourishing“.

Lastly I highly recommend the book The clarity cleanse for more emotional and physical detox and diet tips.

The Clarity Cleanse: 12 Steps to Finding Renewed Energy, Spiritual Fulfillment, and Emotional Healing:

To be #present for our children and to practice #selfcare ? Impossible?

To be #present for our children and to practice #selfcare ? Impossible?

To be a mum and to do my best yes, to be perfect no. Human rather.

I share with my children how I sometimes feel torn between taking care of myself, practicing my morning routine to give the best of myself to them, and to be present with them, to simply be fully aware with them.

In this regard, I really like the Inspire Nation video “JONATHAN ROBINSON: 10 Second Shortcuts to Pure Awakened Awareness! | Spiritual Awakening Exercises“.

Why is it of the utmost importance to be happy for what we have now? #gratitude


Why is it of the utmost importance to be happy for what we have now? #gratitude

I teach my children to be grateful for what they have here and now.

I explain to them that if we do not have a deep appreciation for what is present in our life, it may disappear.

Furthermore, it goes both ways.

The happier I am about what I have in my life in the present moment, the more joy and bliss I get to experience.

#Transgenders are #normal and teach us #authenticity

#Transgenders are #normal and teach us #authenticity

I don’t care what they say. I don’t care if they tell you you’re not normal.

Please let go of their judgement, their hate, their pettiness, their narrow mind and constricted heart.

I don’t care if you’re different.

I don’t care if you’re weird.

I don’t care if you do not conform to the standards of advertisement and society.

I don’t care if you were born a man and became a woman or if you were born a woman and became a man.

I don’t care at all because underneath everything… we are all humans. One big family. One. Just one.

Please watch “Transgender (Ask Teal Episode on Transgender and Transsexuality) – Teal Swan” if you want to know how transgenders teach us authenticity.

Thank you #coolmums or letting our #children play together easily

Thank you #coolmums or letting our #children play together easily

Thank you to the mums who do their best so our children can play together.

Thank you to the mums who do not care if they are friends or not with another mother before letting their children all play together.

Thank you to the mums who do not care if the children from the other family are not the same whatever or live not in exactly the same way.

Thank you to the cool mums. I really think our children benefit from playing together.

What is the point of having this #diploma without using it?

What is the point of having this #diploma without using it?

I studied and worked very hard to obtain my lawyer diploma. It took me years before I passed the bar exam (being a single mum on top of that). However, I decided to quit the law firm after a few months to fulfill my mission and recover from a burn-out.

Does it mean that all these efforts were for nothing? I do not think so.

Everything we learn will be useful to us in one way or another.

This is why I am a big supporter of women gaining new skills. May we never stop learning.

Moreover, not working as a lawyer anymore does not mean I am not deeply passionate about law. Hence, I enjoyed very much a video about alternatives to prison. The title is “Judge Victoria Pratt on Procedural Justice: It’s Free, It Saves Lives and Can Change The World“.

Fantastic #hummus recipe with #rosemary

Fantastic #hummus recipe with #rosemary

I eat mostly raw foods and I love chick peas!

For a delicious vegan humus, simply soak chick peas in salted water at least for a night. You can also let them sprout a little bit.

Then mix the rinsed chick peas in the blender with fragrant rosemary, pinch of sea salt, a few tablespoons of virgin olive oil and two lemons or limes.

Enjoy your raw vegan #humus my friend my sister!

Fantastic #hummus recipe with #rosemary