The #divine #mother who makes our wishes come true or always planting creative seeds

The #divine #mother who makes our wishes come true or always planting creative seeds

Nathalie from @mes_merveilleuses_fragilites on instagram read cards for me from the #Rumi oracle.

The card which popped up was The Divine Mother.

She guides us through the creative process.

She invites us to carry on creating, even though we cannot see the results yet.

She exhorts us to trust her. For she will make our wishes come true.

One cancelled trip to Istanbul and we need rest my friend

One cancelled trip to Istanbul and we need rest my friend

I had planned to go and visit a dear friend in Istanbul since Spring of this year (2018).

We are in Fall and my trip is canceled because prices rose so high within just a week.

I found a nice man to take care of the dog. I looked at the dates and made plans.

My daughter was worried about getting bored (before a friend told her there was a very cool sneakers store in Istanbul). My son was enthusiastic.

Eventually, my dream trip is cancelled. I am frustrated but I choose to go with the flow of life.

I will not bend over to make things happen. I will trust life.

Sweet and savoury raw #noodles with #zucchini and #pomegranates

Sweet and savoury raw #noodles with #zucchini and #pomegranates

The ingredients of my new raw lunch favorite are:

  • zucchini noodles marinated in olive oil with sea salt and apple cider vinegar,
  • garlic,
  • dill and parsley,
  • pomegranates.

What is the power of #money to make the world a better place?

What is the power of #money to make the world a better place?

Are you wealthy my friend my sister? If so, you are a blessing. What you invest your money in can change the world.

Money can be used to build weapons or to create ecofriendly products. Money is neutral.

We all have responsibility. We can all choose to support and/or to invest in ethical companies which make the world a better place.

Money can change the world. For better or worse. Let’s make a conscious choice with it.

Observing our #emotions and feeling our divine protection

Observing our #emotions and feeling our divine protection

Rather than stressing out when circumstances get overwhelming, I now choose to observe what is happening. Without judgement.

Had I known it before, it would have saved me from trying to commit suicide when I was 20 years old.

Moreover, there is a benevolent force far bigger than me, which is always protecting me. I rely on this. The unseen is is my anchor.

The most important advice for our #daughter who gets her #periods

The most important advice for our #daughter who gets her #periods

I am currently diving deep into the topic of periods thanks to the great book Wild Power Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power by Alexandra Pope.

When my daughter got her periods, the most important piece of advice I gave her was: follow the seasons of your body.

Our divine feminine body follows four seasons. The book Wild Power explains this concept in a very interesting way.

Thus, during our periods, the body is experiencing a kind of winter phase. It is supposed to be resting in a warm and quiet place.

Then our body experiences a phase similar to spring during the 14 days leading to ovulation, which means summer time. This is when we are full of creative juices and energy.

Lastly, fall precedes winter when our body slows its rhythm before menstruation.

The beautiful magic of the feminine cycle is also beautifully explained in the great book The empowered woman by Kate Magic.

Kate Magic explains why women are not adapted to a linear rhythm but to a cyclical one.

Lastly, diet is again so important in our life that food choices can also be adapted to the seasons of our body. Check out the website Flo Living and the book Woman code by Alisa Vitti for more information about this fantastic idea.

Of not taking things for granted #gratitude

Of not taking things for granted #gratitude

I want to say #thankyou each morning as I open my eyes to a brand new day.

I want to remember how far I’ve come to be grateful for where I am now.

I want to never take things for granted.

I want to say thank you for my amazing neighbor who is like a father to me.

I want to thank you my friend my sister for being present next to me on our journey called life.