Where are you running? 10 great insights about life thanks to #ChristineSinger

Where are you running? Don't you know that the universe lies inside you? 10 great insights about life thanks to #ChristineSinger

I cannot believe that the great books by author Christine Singer are not translated yet into English.

However, I am sharing 10 fantastic insights from one of her #books anyway.

The French title is Où cours-tu ? Ne sais-tu pas que le ciel est en toi ? which could be translated as Where are you running? Don’t you know that the #universe lies inside you?

1. Start your thing and jump

Christine Singer words are an invitation to carry out the projects which resonate deeply in us, even if they seem crazy to others.

If we carry on long enough, they will not seem so foolish anymore. The secret is perseverance.

Writing The Knot in the Spiral or going to live in Tunisia with the children by leaving Paris seemed crazy.

However, these two beautiful endeavors have been created step by step, like any project.

Moreover, we are invited to let go of other people’s judgement.

Each one of us has his own way to evaluate craziness or reasonable.

When one person sees crazy, another one can see reason. Especially if we shift our perspective.

Thus, going to live in Tunisia, Africa allowed me to fulfill my dreams and even more, while taking care of my health and my children.

Go towards your dreams step by step my friend my sister.

2. No regrets over heartbreak

Christine Singer brings me so much comfort when she writes that the only thing that matters in the end is to have loved.

Even if I loved unavailable men, even if the beautiful love story never happened int he end, I did love.

May we let go of regrets my friend my sister. A heartbreak is better than a constricted heart.

3. Knowing where we are running towards

One positive side effect of meditation lies in the pure silence, or the taste of eternity that we offers our body and our soul.

We could then ask ourselves towards what we are rushing.

Our life could be altered by these simple words: Where are you running like that?

Sometimes it is wise to take a break and look around where we are. Sometimes is it worth listening to the silence, so that our little voice inside can be heard at last.

This life, this game, this movie and this adventure: why?

One night, around 11 pm, I asked myself if it was worth editing yet another contract, as my eyes were hurting like crazy.

I asked myself if rushing around all day was truly the best thing to be a good mother to my children.

What about you my friend my sister? Where are you running?

4. Permission to fail

We feel like creating something new then we take action steps.

Then, bam, something goes wrong or we made a mistake. However, falling or making a mistake shall not mean that the adventure reached the end. It is possible to choose another path.

Christine Singer softly reminds us that even feeling lost is part of being on a path.

May we let go of perfection because nobody expects perfection from us, only stepping closer to the light with each step.

5. Opening our mind

Christine Singer writes that religions as well as quantum physics taught us that one part of the universe lies inside the person who observes the universe.

Not only are we far more powerful than we imagine to modify our circumstances, but the very way to evaluate our current life can change it.

Is it an invitation for cultivating gratitude? What do you think my friend my sister?

6. Responsibility and interdependence

The environment is one way of demonstrating the interconnectedness between humans. If I mindlessly throw away a plastic bottle, someone else can see it on a beach in another country, as if the state of planet earth depended upon each one of us.

A strong invisible link ties us together through responsibility. Christine Singer sadly describes that we humans have not realized yet how interconnected we are.

I cannot pretend child labor does not exist when I buy a cheap plastic object.

I am moved when I read Christine Singer writing that the judge inside her of her sisters and brothers is dead. So you are me and I am you, and all this time I had the false belief that we are separate.

I have not found yet the solution and am not perfect, but I am responsible for my actions and their consequences on my fellow humans.

7. Inviting change into our life

In the past, I wanted to control and plan everything. I was desperate when something did not go the way it was supposed to.

Today I keep in mind how the river gracefully flows, moves and changes.

I welcome change like a soft wind. Refusing to allow for flexibility can hurt. Swimming with the stream is much easier.

Christine Singer describes life as a never-ending update, a permanent change which gets rid of everything that tries to keep things stuck on one way.

Moreover, if change comes from the outside, we can also initiate it in our life.

We are never really stuck in some uncomfortable situation. Renewal is not out of reach. It is as if we were locked into a prison, but from the inside the lock can be open.

8. For humility in listening to others

We never know. Each action we choose can open or close a door. Each word uttered by a stranger can change our life.

I learned so much from people who were very different from I am, much younger than me or with far more or far less diplomas than I have.

Keeping a curious ear can open us the door to the extraordinary.

Whenever we listen to our heart and our intuition, whenever we take in the words of another fellow human without getting attached to his/her look, then the invisible can magically be revealed to us.

We all belong to one big family. Each one of us has a treasure inside. Every human being can teach us something. This is where lies true humility.

9. In celebration of the divine feminine

Since I live in Tunisia, I am grateful that I am not walking in subway corridors surrounded by women body parts anymore.

Christine Singer describes how these gorgeous women become insignificant advertisement support.

I love the grace and the exquisite beauty of the feminine body. I love when the divine feminine is honored and celebrated, not used as an object.

My wish for women and girls is that they are proud of their beautiful body, not that they compare themselves to the false photoshopped faces of advertisement.

10. For a peaceful ascension

I am vegan, but I have nothing bad to say to meat eaters. Who am I to judge? One part of this big family we all belong to, nothing less and nothing more.

Judging others shall not help the world to bask in light. When we fix our gaze for too long on the thing we want to fight against, we become this thing (Mircea Eliade). May we also take care not to impose our version of goodness to others who may have a different one.

Perhaps one way would be to adopt a behavior similar to the parent in positive education of children?

I do not wat to judge nor to preach, but I want to embody the values which are close to my heart.

I do not want to combat or claim, but shine light on the possibility of choosing another path.

Christine Singer writes that we complain about the poor quality of our food or the air around us, while such anger creates even more poison into our body.

Therefore, may we focus instead of opening our mind. May we strive to work for a better world by creating it ourselves, step by step.

I feel that sharing our experience together is a good way to start helping each other my friend my sister.


What do you think my friend my sister?

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